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Where have we been?

On hold it seems. We’re settling into our new home, so it feels like the press is growing in size. I’ve been making a new sculpture, I’ve made a prototype for our next book, but everything takes time, especially as most days these weeks I am doing a crappy job. I’ll have a pHD in dull at the end of it. Ping is agonising her way through a couple of essays for Queen Mary. Saw family. Anyway; we’ll get there in the end. A Danielson song is comforting me at the moment; hammers sitting still. Working is robbing me of living, but being a cooped up genius (irony) teaches humility. If I can do this job honestly and well, I might get entrusted with bigger things by the maker of all things, (who even made the AutoDocumentFeeder scanner I am using on behalf of her Majesty’s NHS. Yes, it is that crap a job). Sustain me with your comments please!

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One thought on “Where have we been?

  • mrs ping
    January, 12, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    your fortitude sustains us – my hero! Hey did you know this site is now 4th on google if you type in “henningham”? we are going up in the googleworld!

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