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Buy The Maximum Wage Magazine!

The Maximum Wage Magazine is now available to buy! A 72-page A4 full-colour glossy magazine splashed on every page with photos from the live show and packed with brand new art and articles on earning a living. Only £3.50 & FREE delivery within the UK. Where Are You? Within UK £3.50 GBPOverseas £10.95 GBP Performance

Erroneous Disposition of the People Show & Gig at Kahalia on Brick Lane

We have a gig to announce, happening in just two weeks time! Henningham Family Press have teamed up again with the golden voiced Jon Bilbrough (Wilderthorn), to compose a collaborative piece of art and music. We will be playing from an oversized book; a bestiary depicting twelve animals in pigment and melody. For inspiration we

The nth Convention (second edition)

The nth Convention (second edition) Julie Rafalski, David Henningham, Tahu Deans Edition of 30 Screenprinted artist’s book in cloth covered slipcase 27 pages 26cm x 26cm Exhibited by Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011 Acquired by University College London Library and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Library Julie Rafalski, Tahu Deans and David Henningham re-enacted Cold

A Mischievous Painting (Julie Rafalski)

While walking through the National Gallery recently, I noticed several paintings that I had first seen many years ago. They seemed strangely familiar, like places one remembers from childhood only because of some inconsequential detail. One such painting was a 16th century portrait of a tailor by Giovanni Battista Moroni. The last time I had

Credit Crunch ‘welcome’ in Spoonfed RA review

With so much on the walls at the RA Summer Exhibition it is always pleasing to get a mention in the media. Here Spoonfed spot it, get it, like it: Eddie Farrell’s black stencilled Credit Crunch on a flattened Corn Flakes box and the drunken Escheresque style of Neil Pittaway’s etching of Westminster station, come

HFP at RA Summer Show feature in PrintWeek

PrintWeek have run a story on HFP and our friends at Print Club London taking part in the RA show here East London screen printer and book publisher Henningham Family Press (HFP) has had two of its screen print works selected for the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Its collaborative pieces ‘Credit Crunch’ and ‘The

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011: The nth Convention

The nth Convention (425) is on display in Room I at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. It is in a vitrine with the other artist’s books on display. Click here to see a PDF document showing the slipcase and other pages from the book The nth Convention Julie Rafalski, David Henningham and Tahu Deans Edition