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Up nosedate

You may recall my nose was periodically swelling up and in the interests of humility I told you all online about how I was sitting with my face in a bowl of salt water. Well firstly I learnt no humility, and turned up to my friend Juliana’s birthday celebration last night sans gift, assuming of course that my presence alone was present enough. But the good news is I found out what was wrong with me; a colony of bacteria living in my face. Occasionally they would make a Viking-style foray into my pelvis area and make a rash on my back, but then would return to my nose with the spoils of war and make it double in size again. But antibiotics have evicted them and I’m left with that weird being aware of not being aware of something feeling; the absence of pain.

I finished a new sculpture, and I love it. I’ve put it into two competitions, one of those being an application for another solo show. Things being strangely seasonal, Slade folks are all coming out of the woodwork at the same time, and now we are reuniting with our friends from BA who went to the Royal College as well, which is a super development. And we are all doing pretty well.

Upcoming show recommendation: Conmen Felting Tip at the Tram Depot Gallery, friends Edwin Pennicott and Tom Fleming

Also see interview with JL Aronson of Danielson Family Movie connection.

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