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Two Thumbs Up!

First thumb: We have spent months monkeying about with UV lamps trying to develop silkscreens to not much joy. I could do A3 well with a face-tanner {why tan the face alone? I’ve been studying the tanned amongst us to see if it is common to have a brown face and blue arms. ‘I can’t come to the phone, I’m doing my forearm!’} But we need much bigger. Now we have a proper machine coming our way at massive discount. I could develop a screen in my sleep with this thing. Praise GOD!

Second thumb: I’ve got a ticket to see Zizek live at Birkbeck, which will be just in time for the lecture I’m doing. It is a Zizek masterclass, apparently, so I should be qualified to speak well on him by April. Contrary to the culture of making a humble disclaimer at the start ‘I’m only really an enthusiast’, ‘There are probably many here who know more about this than me…’ etc. I can scream from the rooftops I AM ADEQUATE TO SPEAK ON THIS SUBJECT YOU MAY EVEN ASK ME QUESTIONS.

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2 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up!

  • Naadir Jeewa
    March, 1, 2007 at 2:18 am

    Haven’t seen or even spoken to you for ages!

    I have a question for you in advance:

    Can you comment on the claim that Zizek is only a Christian because his God is an atheist – God knows that he doesn’t exist, but we do not.

  • David
    March, 1, 2007 at 10:21 am

    Yes, I’ll talk about Zizek’s ideas about God’s doubt in himself. But Zizek is clear that he is not a Christian, but a Marxist materialist at the barricades alongside Christians resisting new Paganisms. He thinks academics should come clean about their personal beliefs more readily. I’ll describe Zizek’s idea of where the Church needs to go to protect its powerful core. Perhaps we could say he would readily become a Christian, but only if we could prove God does not exist. Book now, come along, and ask the question. It is a very good one and is just what I’ll be wanting to discuss. Thanks!

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