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The most expensive expenses

People are now calling for a general election, new systems and prosecutions in the light of MPs expenses scandals. This is appropriate, but I think it is worth looking at the speck in our eye as we look at the plank in theirs. If you look at the recent scandals of the Commons, why didn’t we provide a chorus demand fundamental changes when MPs led us into war, for example? When the protest was unsuccessful we sort of said a collective ‘sod-it’ and forgot about it. Still no WMDs and Blair now has an inappropriate Foundation to his name. Does it only take misuse of our MONEY before we demand fundamental changes to the system?

One thought on “The most expensive expenses

  • eddie farrell
    May, 20, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Here Here
    a simple yet fundemental point. Afterall is good government not meant to be a representive of us, the people. And therefore does it’s doings not show exactly what we are willing to put up with. Perhaps we should all read Rousseau’s, The Social Contract and then vote, and continue to vote on a weekly basis. Not just wait until the petrol that goes into our tanks has all dried up, then react! Government is not just an inconvenience that we have to address only when the shit hits the fan. Good Government is the very context in which we are able to live and grow through and if we don’t give it constant attention,it will stagnate and so will we as an integral part of it.

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