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the mechanical elephant parideza serendipity

Today we stood amongst other rain soaked Londoners to watch a forty foot high wooden elephant walk through Piccadilly. It was amazing, a real giant covered in liveried puppeteers. It was better than the average parade because you were given freedom of movement to follow the elephant, indeed it was a lot like a protest march.


Which makes it appropriate to mention our next release, Parideza, the pages of which are partly populated by prehistoric beasts, often the size of the aforementioned elephant. It is partly about a painting by Heironymous Bosch, and also about Medieval explorers Polo and Mandeville. Darwin also makes some appearance. Overall it is about our perception of the world. It comes as two hardbacked volumes and a pamphlet, that includes an etching, in a slipcase. It is gorgeous. It will be released on 4th June 2006 in time for the Slade degree shows.


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2 thoughts on “the mechanical elephant parideza serendipity

  • andy
    May, 7, 2006 at 4:53 pm

    Doesn’t look like London 😉
    Did they have the girl when you saw it?

  • David
    May, 13, 2006 at 9:20 pm

    Yes it is London, that’s the National Gallery in the background, but it does look foreign with an elephant in it. The girl was there, she got picked up by its trunk and carried all round Picadilly

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