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Shelter isn’t so simple anymore

It used to be a few sticks with some skin on top, but now property is a bit of a nightmare to acquire, especially in our illustrious capital city. Man it drags on for weeks, and at every turn people politely relieve you of your money. We are on a knife’s edge today as regards our purchase. What we hope to be the hub of the HFP seems to be undervalued by some and overvalued by others. We just want to complete. Nobody can agree what this house is worth. Is it worth all this hassle? A wise friend said that he thought we could rest assured that we will move into the right house at the right time. I also remember another friend who had enormous housing problems, which kept her out of future trouble when her husband unfortunately died. Are houses the barometers of future woe? I hope not. Are they woe incarnate? Maybe! (I guess that should really be ‘inbricknate’). Whatever happens, we are going to come through this honest, I’m not chipping bits off my soul for property. And as my Grandfather always assured me, if you honour God he will honour you. I’ve lived by that for seventy years, he said. I’ve proved it, he said. He died in the best circumstances: poor, faithful, and very very old.

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