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How many Londoners does it take to sell us all down the river?

Answer: 139.772

That’s the marginal difference between the Ken and Boris vote. I can’t believe Boris Johnson has been seen as fit to govern a budget of £11bn; he’s hardly fit to manage a weekly shop. The fact is this is hardly a consensus – what a stupid system. Other questions one might ask include, how long before his old school chums start ringing up asking for favours?

I’ve never seen central London changed so rapidly for the better by any political office before Ken became Mayor. I even voted against him first time, but he won me round with his results. Even though he brought in bendy buses, which I hate, I can see beyond that to the bigger picture. Now the area I live in, which so desperately needs affordable housing and socially-minded redevelopment, will get shafted. And nationally the results remind us that we need to get rid of the first past the post system so we can have a vote that represents us. Would we have gone to Afganistan or Iraq if we’d had a representative government? This is the paradox that demonstrates that we vote badly here. If you ask most people a question about the climate they’ll give you a Green answer and not a Labour or Tory one, so why don’t they vote for them? If you ask them about health, they often express a Lib Dem opinion and not the opinion of the party they voted for.    

Effortless prediction: Boris’ career will become marred by revelations of sleaze and corruption {about the 3 year mark? Do do with land and redevelopment?} and perhaps even leave some of those who felt it was ‘time for a change’, or that Ken was ‘getting too big for his boots’ {?!} to rue the day they voted for this puddle of a man.    

One thought on “How many Londoners does it take to sell us all down the river?

  • Naadir Jeewa
    May, 3, 2008 at 12:45 am

    This is a conversation at work with a conspiracy theorist:

    Him: Rant on how the secret world order wont let Obama get the democratic nomination.

    Me: Soo….who you voting for?

    Him: I don’t like Ken.

    Me: Rant on fighting inequality, joint global cities project with Caracas, the difficulty of managing corporate investment and egalitarian justice, etc…

    Him: I see things simplistically, I just don’t like the guy. He creeps me out.

    So, there you have it. The thoughts of a free-thinking man, unclouded by the psi-ops mind control of the secret cabal responsible for 911.

    Happy birthday Ping!

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