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Why doesn’t the horizon get any closer? {or, book release date delays}

You know what it is like, you try and plan ahead and you give yourself a generous amount of extra time in case things don’t work out… anyway our machinery conundrums are sufficiently resolved, but we will not be able to release the book “a plan and the means to complete” in March as we advertised at the Danielson family movie screening in Shoreditch last year. We want to do it properly, as in quality. Punctuality has obviously fallen by the wayside.

Our next book to come out will be “Hard Wood Lesson” which we will launch at our new facility in Harold Wood {hey, I just noticed that’s almost “Harold Wood Lesson”! Sorry; geek moment.} Anyway, that’s our next book, then “a plan..”. I’m not going to set a date, I’ve had it with dates. We are stealth publishers; one minute no book, then BAM!

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