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Time is man’s problem

What an amazing few days we’ve had. I’ve been writing my thesis, which is the closest we will ever have to a manifesto in the HFP. It is basically a proposal for the HFP, but in the form of an interview with a deceased printer (Eric Gill) and an essay on the American band the Danielson Famile. I wrote 5000 words in two days. When you’re hot, you’re hot. I’ll eventually print it and bind it. It’ll be out some time near Christmas, I guess. But too big for a stocking.

We’re also looking at houses to live in. This will be the place for many HFP endeavours to take off. We’ve had the most incredible interventions and provisions from God. I’m glad he’s in charge. 

And I’m constructing my screen workshop elsewhere. Who’d have thought that it would be hard to find somewhere to shoot a high velocity water cannon at some photosensitive chemicals on what is essentially a large square drumskin. It’s political correctness gone mad.

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