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Three books sold to Chelsea College Library

Chelsea College of Art and Design on Millbank have purchased a copy of ‘nth convention’, ‘Nonconformist’, and ‘Dinocerata’ for their artists’ book collection, which is one of the finest I’ve seen. Any alumni or student there can go and look at these books. As an alumni I’m especially pleased. And I must say I was really amazed to see how quickly Chelsea has redefined itself since the move from the Manresa Road site I studied at. It has a really vibrant atmosphere, and a lot of the art I glimpsed was definitely inviting a much longer scrutiny. I will be going along to the opening of their degree show next week. And the library has a fantastic amount of art being made to exhibit in it as well. Liz Ward, who is in charge of the library took me on a tour of the new facilities and gave me lots of really helpful information. It looks like we could have more to do with Chelsea in the future, and they are keen to see what we get up to in the future, and very keen and astute collectors. It really is an amazing artist’s book collection. We really have to work out what categories our books belong in, and what collections, and Liz has already been very helpful in that respect.

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