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Things are slotting into place

Well I got a job editing TV tapes, which is a huge weight off my mind, but I suspect there is a latent background level of tension still there that will only finally lift when the house is finalised. I am reading a book by Zizek where he hammers Western Buddhism as a way of making people excellent consumers. And you can work people really really hard if they have meditation that allows them to live at breaking point all the time. He has similar things to say about the military applications of zen. Maybe Bush and Blair are Buddhists!

The electrician has been to my workshops and the van that was in there is now gone! So we’re getting there. I’m having to put in various temporary measures to get our next books on the way, but I can’t wait any longer. We’ve got three ready to print! It is going to be all action for a while. I guess this is what it is like to start your own business. I’m convinced you can do it with just a screen and a flat surface. As Ed and Wedgie keep saying, ‘keep it simple’. I just won a photocopier in Surrey on ebay for £20. I think that’s reasonably simple.

It strikes me that Dalston, our home, is getting upmarket pretty fast, it is definitely changing. I just hope they don’t do it as badly as they did it in Hoxton. There will be a public fountain nearby that is a rip-off of the one in Somerset House. They should make a giant one of those cheesy waterfall things you get in Turkish shops, that would be more in keeping with the area. 

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