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there must be trouble in the air…

…cos i only seem to blog when overwhelmed! one of these days i will remember where i wrote the password when everything is fine and y’all get a happy post. meanwhile..

So the house is coming through VERY SOON (we think) and the course is going ok (no-one has accused me of foolishness yet, though a few might suspect me of being heretically unsecular) and i’m all a muddle between packing, endless washing up (i’m sure we did less of this when we first got married: How?), and running between counters at the good ol’ BL (british library, aka birthing lounge).

Sigh it’s end of term and I for one am sick of all the God-bashing going on in academia. People are so horrifically arrogant. Honestly, I ask you, why are we the ones who always “deluded”? More and more, I can’t be bothered with this total bigotry. Sometimes I just wanna flip back their delusions using my middle finger.  Ha. Take that Mr So-Clever-I’ll-Take-God-On-In-A-Fight-Cos-I-don’t-Think-he-exists-anyway. Perhaps I dont believe you exist. Ha. Put that in your atheist pipe and smoke it.

Despite all the crazy gubbins, I still enjoy the fact the government is paying me to study (hooray). And I also enjoy… weekends! Sunday’s Danielson Gig continues to put a smile on my face. I made some pies on Sunday and in honour of the occasion, David made some brother daniel themed decorations. I got to eat the Danielson heart today! Yay! that sure warmed the cockles. (The second pie is a bird of paradise for our resident monk, brother Kerry, who is finishing his phd next week. Keep going McYong – you can do it!)

Pie0002.JPG  Pie0001.JPG

Hooray for God who made Birds of Paradise and Pies!

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One thought on “there must be trouble in the air…

  • ellen
    December, 8, 2006 at 9:20 pm

    dearest ping,
    it’s good to read some of your news. do you know what? for over a month now, Dj has referred to “turning the light on” as “PING”. for no known reason. sweet, huh?
    i’ve been meaning to write & tell you for ages.
    lots love, hope to see you soon. ellen xxx

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