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The Heart of Sunday night

Ping* and I just popped to Edinburgh with our friend Kenny to see Tom Waits play. Definitely one of the most extravagant things we’ve done in ages, but it felt GREAT! It was an amazing gig; he roar-sang with the whole of his body for more than two hours, stamping on a weird circus-surplus platform covered with imported dust. By the end he was soaked through with sweat and lightly coated with said dust. I got the feeling he was definitely where he wanted to be in his career. He looks and sounds the way he’s always wanted to. I was especially pleased to hear the cemetry polka, and on another song he kept repeating the refrain “I know, you know, I know” we’re going to be laid down in the ground. He was a street preacher. The Saxophonist was playing two saxophones at once! And two of his kids were there too; it’s a family business, and to us an inspiration.

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