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Something else happened! {Berlin}

We have just returned from Berlin, where we went to work and play; a kind of working holiday. We stayed with Anna Freeman {thank you Anna!} a painter friend who works for a gallery called Kollaborativ in the Prenzlauerberg area. We cycled everywhere, ate lots of currywurst, and we even dined in the revolving restaurant of the TV tower. I also took Ping* to the Tiergarten lampost museum. We made lots of new connections with the book scene in Berlin, and it was a very successful trip. Hopefully we’ll see the fruits of that unfold over the next few weeks. We need to learn German! Call a family meeting!


While we were there we held the Zizek lecture again in the Kollaborativ Galerie at short notice. Once again on behalf of Universettee; a settee was present!


The main difference, apart from it not being to first-language speakers (I simplified it a little) was the emergence of another hypothesis. An audience member suggested that the Crucifixion may have been a trauma for the disciples, but a divisive one. It would take a second trauma {Resurrection} to cause the Church to begin. I think this is a possible hypothesis. Either way will do; Zizek is basically short of one trauma or two.  

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