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Launching The Goddess Lens and The Lost Spell

This September sees us launch Irish queer fiction online and (in person) translated Ethiopian satire.

The Goddess Lens is Pascal O’Loughlin’s second novel. Fans of Irish fiction, visual poetry and LGBTQ+ books should flock to David Collard’s online literary magazine show The Glue Factory:

Sunday 18th September 2022, 7pm
Register for free here

Buy Now £12.99 Paperback printed in black-green offset litho

The Lost Spell by young (embattled) author Yismake Worku describes the corruption and proud history of Ethiopia from the perspective of a proud businessman who has accidentally turned himself into a dog. This novel about dehumanisation will be introduced by Amharic translator Bethlehem Attfield in an in-person event with the Anglo-Ethiopian Society in London.

Sunday 25th September 2022, 2pm
Ethiopian Community in Britain
2a Lithos Road
London NW3 6EF 
Free Registration HERE

BUY NOW £12.99 Paperback with three charcoal illustrations

Pop the goddess lens into your eye for a fabulous postmodern trip that makes itself as it’s unmade. There you will be woven into the creative despair, profound insight and helpless joy of a mind on fire.

Cherry Smyth, author of Famished

A dog-on-the-road view of contemporary Ethiopia that is at once a critique and a bittersweet love letter.

Asymptote Journal

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