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Knitting makes you smarter: ICA research finding

A review of the Rational Rec night we did a month ago stars Ping* and/or Naomi, though unnamed. It is from the ICA blog.

Russell Herron’s Blog

In answer to his question, the reason we got 24 was that my mother lives about five minutes from the hydrogen fuel cell refuelling plant that was the subject of one of the harder questions.

Last night I went to the launch of my friend’s project, the shytstem. The guys behind it are Ed and Wedgie; they have the smallest screenprinting studio ever known. It is a bit like an escape tunnel from a PoW camp or an underground press in the USSR. Mostly their work is about being able to work without the means to do so.


It was a great evening, the project is a collection of artworks by people collected together in a box designed by Gary Woodley who is an artist treasured by everyone who knows him or has been under his tutelage. That is why it is not an insult to say that in my opinion the best thing about it is the box. Brain-pizza. It would be good if there was a bit more presence in some of the work, though. Eddie Peake’s (undergraduate list) contribution sums up what I was hoping for; haunting and energetic. For some reason the janitor in the chapel hall they rented was not a very good advert for the church, obsessed with punctuality. It isn’t essential to the faith; the second coming is on a fairly loose timetable, for example. 

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