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Introducing the Monday School Chart

The second of our three new Bible-themed publications is the Monday School Chart. A copy of the chart comes free inside the hardback book, but we wanted to make them available individually. They can be used in personal study, by reading groups, or as a visual celebration of the 400th year of the King James Bible.

The first few pages of the chart open like a normal book, with icons that move from Creation, to Fall, to Noah’s Flood, then a face off between Abraham and Moses and finally the kingdom of Ancient Israel up until Solomon’s disastrous reign.

The chart now flips open to show the split between North and South Israel

but the return of the Exiles is a prism through which the New Testament now unfolds, the chart now opening again to reveal the tree of life.

Jesus’ Ministry is followed by the Apostles, then Judgement Day. The world turns on its side for a resurrection in Abney Park Cemetry, and finally the world is turned on its head in the New Creation (here represented as a counter-culture community equipped with geodesic domes).

You’ll notice that the chart gradually accrues more coloured lines. This was an irresistable printer’s trick. They are the Cyan Magenta Yellow and Keyline (black) colours used in printing to make full-colour images. In our chart each one represents a theme of the Bible: creation (Y), fall (K), grace (M) and Law (C). When the New Testament is reached inside a tree of life, or vine, is formed with full-colour images. A coming together of all the Biblical themes into fruition. This book is available from our distributor here, and all the other usual channels.

Book Information:
Pamphlet in polythene pocket
ISBN 978 0 9563166 2 2
BIC codes: HRCG3 (Biblical Exegesis)
10 pages
190mm x 141mm
January 2011

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