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Inkjet News

Wow, what a thrilling headline I came up with! This week I’m mainly sorting out the new screen studio and Inkjet equipment. This is the inherited money I spoke of earlier being invested. Today I ordered a new PC, built to my requirements, so that I can print inkjet stuff like we did for the nth convention. It sure is nice to have capital, but that don’t make me a capitalist. I’m a humble private citizen.

The other thing I’m doing with my time is meeting up with fellow graduates from the slade. That’s the main difference between the two Slades; one of them you’re encouraged to keep up with your friends when you leave, but the other doesn’t allow you to have a reunion, in case you have it in a bank armed with shot-guns. Yesterday Chong-Woon and I had a sandwich and a beer in Bloomsbury, and today Jim and I had a beer by the water in Greenwich.  

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