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HFP at Christie’s Multiplied 2011 art fair 14th – 17th Oct

We are once again included in Multiplied, Christie’s original editions fair! We have an extraordinary number of new editions by an ever-increasing number of artists and writers to show you at the fair alongside our extensive back-catalogue of prints and books.

Multiplied Contemporary Editions Fair
14th – 17th Oct 2011


Fri 14th 9am-5pm
Sat 15th 11am-6pm
Sun 16th 11am-6pm
Mon 17th 9am-5pm

At the heart of our stand will be a brand new body of work exhibited for the first time, An Unknown Soldier. A poem meditating on the idea of an Unknown Soldier in the age of DNA testing, which has become the source for prints and books of various sizes.

The three parts of the poem are housed in a dazzling printed birch-ply box with an oblique construction (Preparatory Oratory/An Unknown Soldier/Funeral, March). A framed version of the central body of text stands 2m tall on the wall. Nearby the bespoke font, Trench, features on three fine art prints; Trench (Italic), Imperial Poster (Fully Justified), and Royal Poster (Left Aligned), alluding to call-up posters, papers, and martial instruction manuals. A paperback book of the same work is also available.

Credit Crunch makes a re-appearance, but this time has a sibling; our very own Austerity Measure. Don’t worry, we’ll give all purchasers extensive training on how to use it..

More work from the Monday School series appears, including two beautiful new prints by Margaux Carpentier of the 3eme and 6eme days of Creation.

And another highlight will be ODDE, a collection of three 9x5in prints by Julie Rafalski, James Hobbs and Lisa Peachey in an exquisite foil debossed portfolio. Screenprints, cyanotypes and foil debossing.

All this and much more made from scratch in our studio! We hope to see you at the fair. However, if you cannot make it in person, purchases will be possible from the stand through our fully illustrated blog here to be posted after the fair or collected at the stand during the four days we are there.

See you there!

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