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‘Chip Shop’ at London Word Festival March 2010: several dates announced

Some of you may remember the ballad we printed live with Jon Bilbrough at the London Word Festival 2009 .

This year we have created a new show called ‘Chip Shop’, featuring a fully functioning mobile screenprinting workshop. “Built from chip-board and replicating a full-size chippy, The Chip Shop is a fully functioning temporary screen printing workshop, serving up words printed on wooden board.”

Come and add your favourite word to our catch of the day menu!


A silkscreen print, on chipboard – yours for the price of a bag of chips! Is it really possible? Yes! The Chip Shop will be appearing at least 3 times in March as part of the London Word Festival:

  • March 7th Toynbee Arts Bar & Cafe, a FREE event where we’ll be frying solo.
  • March 20th ‘Keep Printing and Carry On’, Stoke Newington International Airport – an eclectic night of music, mini-lectures, cake, featuring Murray Macaulay doing a Universette reprise on Sister Corita (the screenprinting nun), Darren Hayman, and more from our good friends the Universettee.
  • March 31st, “The Art of Storytelling”, St. Leonard’s Church, we’ll be tying up all the loose words printed throughout the festival into another live print with the help of a very special guest poet.

More details to follow in our March Newsletter, but meanwhile we point you to the festival website and coverage at Amelia’s Magazine.

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