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A great time had by all!

I think we can safely say Rational Rec was a roaring success. I was really pleased with how aptly our sculptures went side by side. Mine is the cabinet on a table, and his the ladder thing with a motorised belt in it. Perfect in terms of scale.

web2.jpg     web3.jpg     web4.jpg

James Capper turns out to be studying at Chelsea on his BA, which is where I did mine. We had a good chance to discuss tutors and the institution. The quiz was a good way of showing the work to a lot of people. The sculptures were a separate visual round from the main quiz. The question “What does this do?” was chosen for the round by the rational reccers, a deliberately unanswerable question to provoke imaginative responses. In the end I chose the answer that seemed most physically possible for mine, “making pizza”. My second favourite was “for moving fingers/fingernails”. I have no idea what that means. This winner was also chosen because James liked this guy’s answer for his work; “cleaning your car windscreen”. The winner received a CD of a Wagner opera, you can see James and myself calling up the winner below. Against the odds our team, the “Ezra Sound”, won the main working men’s art quiz, and recieved a party at our table as a reward, also shown below.

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