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YAY we’re BACK!

Going away was fun, being in Berlin was fab, but COMING HOME is the BEST! YAY!

i think i missed home a lot this time round. When we arrived i was saying to David “I really think we should come and live here for year, learn German, genow?” but after three days, I was all “Oh! I miss my garden! I wonder how the sunflowers are doing? I wonder if the tomatoes grew? I wonder the Grace Church babies-pending have arrived yet? I wonder how the last service went? I miss the music! The people! The church, oh the church the people, the babies, the music the everything! oh!” David said living in Berlin for a year would be insufferable if he had to go through all that every day.

So when we got home, and I came rushing in “rejoicing as I went” and saw this:

(INSERT PHOTO: okay, i haven’t got the photo yet – be patient! I’m waiting for a sunny day to take it!)

I was all “Oh!”s. David said “are you going to cry?”

thanks to our housemates Lizzy and Angus for putting this up, and drawing pictures of us (the finer details of which you probably can’t see). Oh how much I rejoice to be HOME!

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