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Photos from the Erroneous Disposition of the People…

As the evening light grew dim on a drizzly wet London, a man wearing sneakers mounted on speakers thunked heavily up a small stair case and the room full of people fell into silence. Then he pressed play on the tape recorder, and an old man’s voice, fuzzy from the nearly obselete audio equipment, boomed out…

“Good evening and welcome. Tonight the Henningham Family Press will be introducing to you their latest book, entitled ‘The Erroneous Disposition of the People’, and written by David Barnes, David Henningham and Wade Bradshaw…”


At the risk of sounding a bit like an award ceremony, we just wanted to say an especially big thank you to Kerry Yong and Nick Houston who were heroes in helping us move and make sound equipment work, and also Uncle Geof, who read Wade’s stories for us. Also thank you to everyone who came on Monday night to help us launch this book. We hope you had a lovely time. Those of you who didn’t quite make it, don’t despair! We’ve put it up on our website bookshelf already, and we’ll be taking it to our future events. Or you could always pop in and have a look at it – that way you’ll get tea too.

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