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mrs ping* picks up the university baton

yes we’ve finally swapped places, and it’s now my turn to try and master the arts. I’m MA-ing at Queen Mary, moving on from History of Art to English Literature. I’m not sure what is more a shock to the system, the change of subject or just simply being a student again (I’ve read more books in the last 3 weeks than I did the last 6 months!) but just for a moment in a seminar today, as we struggled with the differences between Modernism and Modernity I looked out the window and saw bushy-beared sea captain rising up on his barge in the lock, and then some ramblers on a walk, and felt overwhlemingly content. It feels good to know that all around me everyone is doing more or less what they want to do, including me for a change! I’m still a bit of a moaner, much to the misery of some dear unfortunates, but i really must sear today’s sunniness in my memory, and make a conscious effort not to look this gift horse in the mouth this month. It’s not a bad horse really. Actually, it’s quite a good horse.

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