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Back from holiday

back from holiday we are. Norfolk was quite lovely, and surprisingly full of daffodils. Cheery daffs greeted us on every corner. Whole fields of yellow daffiness.

“A great time doing nothing.” Just sitting on beaches, playing boardgames, eating chips, me dropping the odd stitch here and there, and David flipped his way through Zizcek’s latest. We also ate a LOT of potatoes (they were being sold on every corner) and came home with 20kg. Anyone for a potato present? Hooray for spuds.

We were also visited by a pheasant, who, being both beautiful and most becomingly round, we would both quite like to taste now. He was skulking around the cottage garden nevously trying to avoid the hunt (shots in the distance).

I shall attempt to post a photo…oh no. argh. darn-o. will have to consult the husband.

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