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Your Candle Accompanies The Sun: My Homage to Emily Dickinson

by Sophie Herxheimer


Hand-stitched Duo-pamphlet
40 pages
280mm x 220mm
Full-colour HP Indigo

ISBN 978-1-9997974-0-9
BIC code: DCQ (Poetry Anthologies)

£30 (+p&p)

Your Candle Accompanies The Sun

Artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer re-imagines Emily Dickinson’s self-imposed seclusion as an act of empowerment. In a series of collage poems, Sophie’s words and images re-present a paradoxical poet, fixed in space, yet ranging freely in imagination and innovation.

This is a homage to the human spirit, which can shine light into the world and in its complexity accompany the simple power of the Sun. Sophie’s collages are preceded by a selection of Emily’s poems. This unique binding interweaves two pamphlets, and talents, into one volume of dazzling poetry.

Read what Sophie has to say about her book here.




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